Heroic Images is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based production company focusing on quality films that are produced completely in Michigan. Founded by Rob De Ville in 2012, Heroic Images is making a breakaway attempt to bring the film industry back to Michigan, along with aiding our community in the process.

This process is often long and filled with mountains of complications, issues, and neigh-sayers, but with the support of local communities and a great fortitude (along with relentless determination and commitment) we strongly believe that we can revive the Michigan Film Industry.

There is a Hero inside all of us and we each champion our causes wholeheartedly. These are the stories that make for great cinema; the underdogs, the eternal struggle, the true love, and as storytellers it is our mission to be inspired by your stories and tell them. We are inspired by you, and we hope to inspire you. Thank you, and welcome to Heroic Images.

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